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PET recycling has been a hot issue around the world recently. PET is one of the most commonly used plastics in the world, with an annual production of 70 million tons.The data shows that the world produces 359 million tons of plastic each year, and the recycling efficiency of plastic waste is about 30%. According to the current industrial development system, global plastic production may increase by 40% in 2030, and plastic pollution in the ocean will also increase. It is expected to reach more than 300 million tons to year 2040.This is a great disaster for the environment.
While ensuring the properties of plastic, how to quickly degrade it has also become a problem that scientists want to solve. After searching various news and papers can see that we have made various attempts to degrade plastics.
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ACERETECH is a manufacturing enterprise specializes in plastic waste recycling and pelletizing machine. ACERTECH has a professional R&D team with the cutting-edge technology from Europe, Mainland China and Taiwan. ACERETECH aims to bring the world's leading and mainstream recycling technology to all of the world's customers.
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ACERETECH ACS series pelletizing machine is our major product. The automatic strand pelletizing machine can easily deal with the waste plastic PET flakes after  being washed. The decreased value of IV(Intrinsic Viscosity)can be controlled within 0.05. For in house recycling,the data can be controlled within 0.03.
Raw Material
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Final Product