CM-TS PLA PBAT Degradable Two Layer Film Blown Machine Plant

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CM-TS PLA PBAT Degradable Two Layer Film Blown Machine Plant

Product Description
Aceretech mainly focusing on R&D, manufacturing of high-end film blowing machines, provides cost-effective blown film machines and professional engineering film blowing service to markets. The typical film blowing machines Aceretech provides are: single layer blown film machines, AB double layer film blowing machines, ABA/ABC three layers blown film machines, ABCDE/ABCBA five layers film blowing machines, specialized agricultural films blowing machines and super wide industrial films making machines for materials of LDPE/LLDPE/PP/EVA/PLA/PBAT etc.

Two color co-extrusion blown film machine
1.Brief introduction:
This type of film blowing machine is mainly for making T-shirt bags, flat bags etc.

2.Features * Independent main extruder base + independent machine tower * Bimetal screw & barrel,L/D ratio 30:1 * Standard type manual operation screen changer * PID + SCR thermo control system both for extruder & extrusion die * Spiral type two color stripe type extrusion die with dual cap/insert design * With single lip air ring insert for HD & dual lip air ring insert for LD * High effective air cooling blower with air volume adjustor * Wooden stripe type stabilizer,easy to operate & durable * Wooden stripe type bubble basket with gusseting device * SMF type semi-manual surface friction winder + standard steel winding reel * 2

Product Paramenters
Model Roller width(mm) Film width(mm) Film output (kg/hr) Main motor(Kw) Die head(mm) Cooling Blower(Kw) Take up motor(Kw)
CM-TS Two color stripe line blown film machine,HD0.006-0.08mm/LD:0.02-0.15mm
CM-TS35 650 300-550 30-45 7.5*2 80/120 2.25 0.37
CM-TS45 800 400-700 40-65 15*2 100/150 3.75 0.75
CM-TS55 1100 600-1000 60-110 22*2 150/220 5.5 0.75

Product Detail