AWS-HDPE Plastic Recycling Washing Line Machine

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Product Description

In the field of HDPE/PP/LDPE recycling projects. Most of the materials come from urban and industrial collection sites, their sizes vary, and the composition of raw materials is different from country to country, even though the composition of HDPE-PP- LLDP in the same country is different.
ACERETECH AWS-HDPE series Recycle Washing Line is designed for recycling daily-use plastic products. Through grading, crushing, and washing, clean and reusable materials can be obtained for downstream use.
The raw materials that can be processed by this system are HDPE/PP bottles and utensils, HDPE/PP barrels and boxes, and HDPE/PP daily-use rigid plastics.
The AWS series of hard plastic (HDPE) recycling lines have a capacity of 1,000 kg/h~4,000 kg/h. A high-efficiency treatment technique can greatly improve recycling efficiency.

Product Paramenters

Device parameters
Size Capacity Motor Power Equipment footprint
AWS-HDPE10 1000kg/h 150KW 150m 2
AWS-HDPE20 2000kg/h 190KW 260m 2
AWS-HDPE30 3000kg/h 250KW 380m 2
AWS-HDPE45 4000kg/h 400KW 450m 2
Unit energy consumption
Content Average energy consumption per ton of bottle
Electricity 50-80KW
Water 0.8-1.5T
Compressed air 0.5-1m 3
Steam (optional) 0-100KG
Detergent (optional) 0-3KG

Suitable Products

Product Detail

Belt Conveyor

Conveying raw materials into next parts. Controlled by inverter, belt speed is adjustable.
Function: bottles conveying
Width of belt: 1000mm
Basic material of belt: PVC
Motor power: 2.2KW

Ferrous Remover

Function: remove ferrous as iron, chromium and manganese

Shredder & Crusher

Divide large-size raw materials into relatively uniform small-size raw materials through shredding and crushing.
Crushing bottle to small flakes.


Function: remove stone, dust, loosen caps and small metal
Basis material: Galvanized carbon steel
Frame: Carbon steel 
Diameter of barrel : 1500mm
Length : 5000mm
Motor power: 5.5KW
The hole diameter:50mm

Bottle Label Separator

Function: remove above 90% labels for both common and compressed bottle
No flakes waste and no water consumption
Motor power: 15KW
Suction fan power: 5.5KW
Rotary blade : 42pcs ( teeth 378pcs )
Fixed blade : 45sets * 4 = 180pcs ( teeth 1080pcs )


Function: bottle washing, remove small size impurity, decrease the working pressure for down stream. Tank body SS304
Motor power:7.5KW
Power of screw:2.2KW
Diameter : 250mm

Pre-washer screw

The effect of cleaning raw materials is achieved by the rotation of the fan blades on the screw

Screw Loader

Function: PET flakes conveying
Motor power: 4KW
Dia. of screw: 310mm
Part contact with raw materials: stainless steel

Floating Washer

Function: wash flakes and remove floating material as PP,PE and Caustic Soda
Motor power of screw loader: 5.5KW
Motor power of thumbwheel: 0.55KW
Quantity of thumbwheel: 3 sets
Dia. of screw:250mm
Part contact with raw materials: stainless steel<
Equipped with water tank and pump

Floating Washer screw

Through the rotation of the screw to achieve the effect of cleaning the flakes

Low Speed Friction Washer

Function: remove sand, mud and dirty
Motor power: 15KW
Diameter of barrel:300mm
Length of barrel:4000mm
Part contact with raw materials: stainless steel

Hot Washer

Function: after hot washing, it’s easier to remove oil, glue
Motor power: 5.5KW
Volume of hot chamber≈4.07 m3
Outer layer: Carbon steel 
Inner layer: stainless steel 
Middle layer: rock wool for insulation
Caustic soda percentage:1-2%
Temperature of hot water:70-90 centigrade
Non-stop flakes feeding and loading out

High Speed Friction Washer

Function: remove the glue and dirty 
Motor power: 30KW
Motor power of water pump:1.5KW
Rotary speed of screw: 1200rpm
Part contact with raw materials: stainless steel

Spray Washer

Function: remove the Caustic Soda 
Motor power: 4KW
Diameter of screw: 250mm
Part contact with raw materials: stainless steel

Centrifugal Dryer

Function: Drying and flakes moisture reach 2%
Motor power: 22KW
Motor of cover open:0.75KW
Rotary speed of screw: 2200rpm
Part contact with raw materials: stainless steel

Pipeline Dryer

Function: hot air drying, moisture < 1%
Heating power: 48KW,if adopt steam heating, this electric consumption will be saved 
Power of blowing motor:5.5KW
Power of suction motor: 5.5KW

Packing silo

Function: flakes storage and packing

Intelligent Control System

With CE/CSA/TUV/SGS/ISO standard, all parameters can be set on the touch screen.
1.Electric control component: (Schneider), e.g. Circuit-breaker, AC contact, press button, pilot lamp. 
2.For electrical controlling of the entire system.
3.Safety interlock principle.
4.All electrical units: LS, Schneider, ABB.