AWS-PE Plastic PE Film Recycling Washing Line Machine

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Product Description

With years of technology modification and process experience precipitation, ACERETECH has a variety of different solutions for recycling PP PE scraps (LDPE/LLDPE film, PP woven bags, PP non-woven, PE bags, milk bottles, cosmetic containers, vegetable and fruit boxes). With advanced modular design, ACERETECH can freely combine each standard module to provide to customers specialized solutions. 
Product Name : AWS- HDPE/PP/PS/ABS/PC/PET Plastic Washing Recycling Machine
In the field of HDPE/PP/PS/ABS/PC/PET recycling projects. Most of the materials come from urban and industrial collection sites,their sizes vary, and the composition of raw materials is different from country to country, even though the composition of HDPE/PP/PS/ABS/PC/PET in the same country is totally different. 
ACERETECH team integrated the cleaning line technology in Europe and China and continuously optimized it. Finally, it developed a series of modular equipment that can adapt to the different characteristics of HDPE/PP/PS/ABS/PC/PET materials. Aiming at blow molding packaging bottle/box/cup/barrel/bucket and injection waste recycling. It can realize a cleaning and recycling line and handle hard materials at the same time. And flexible plastic. 
Including sorting, size reduction, metal removing, cold and hot washing, high efficiency friction washing and drying modular.
Which can remove ferrous and nonferrous metals, sand, oil, glue, paper and many other different contaminants efficiency.

Product Paramenters

Device parameters
Size Capacity Capacity Equipment footprint
AWS PE 05 500kg/h 150KW 120m 2
AWS PE 10 1000kg/h 190KW 260m 2
AWS PE 20 2000kg/h 290KW 380m 2
Unit energy consumption
Content Average energy consumption per ton of bottle
Electricity 180-250KW
Water 1.5-3T
Compressed air 0.5-1m 3
Steam (optional) 0-100KG
Detergent (optional) 0-5KG

Suitable Products

Product Detail

Belt Conveyor

Conveying raw materials into next parts. Controlled by inverter, belt speed is adjustable.
Function: film conveying
* Width of belt: 1000mm
* Basic material of belt: PVC
* Length: 4000-5000 mm
* Motor power: 3KW, with inverter.

Ferrous Remover

Function: remove ferrous as iron, chromium and manganese

Shredder & Crusher

Divide large-size raw materials into relatively uniform small-size raw materials through shredding and crushing.
Crushing bottle to small flakes.


Function: bottle washing, remove small size impurity, decrease the working pressure for down stream.
* Tank body:SS304
* Diameter:1500mm
* Length:6000mm
* Motor power:7.5KW
* Power of screw:2.2KW
* Diameter : 250mm

Pre-washer screw

The effect of cleaning raw materials is achieved by the rotation of the fan blades on the screw

Conveying film

To convey film flakes out of flotation washer into friction washer.
* Motor power: 3kw
* Parts, that contact with water are made of SUS304.

Floating Washer

* Length: 6000 mm
* Width: 1500 mm
* Height: 2100 mm
* Motor power for rollers: 0.55kw*5
* Bottom screw: ∅195: 2.2kw.
* Parts, that contact with water are made of SUS304.
* Screw loader 1.5кВт, ∅168, for lifting dirties out of washer.

Friction washerΦ410

* Motor power: 18.5kw, 6P.
* Rotor diameter: 410mm.
* Rotor speed: 720 rpm.
* Length:3200mm.
* Screen size: 3мм
* Parts, that contact with water are made of SUS304.


* Main power: 90kw
* Rotating speed: 65rpm
* Screw diameter:300mm
* Cutting power: 3.7kw
* Speed of cutting:400rpm
* Diameter of final granule:≥12mm
* Fan power: 5.5kw
* Capacity:400-500kg/h

Washed film fragments

Washed film fragments

Squeezed film fragments

Squeezed film fragments

Packing silo

Function: flakes storage and packing

Intelligent Control System

With CE/CSA/TUV/SGS/ISO standard, all parameters can be set on the touch screen.
1.Electric control component: (Schneider), e.g. Circuit-breaker, AC contact, press button, pilot lamp. 
2.For electrical controlling of the entire system.
3.Safety interlock principle.
4.All electrical units: LS, Schneider, ABB.