Pelletizer Installed for EPS, HIPS in CDMX, Mexico, Client Marcos y Marcos.

By: ACETECH, Time: 2022-03-23 4 Comments
Pelletizer installed for EPS, HIPS in CDMX, Mexico, client Marcos y Marcos.
Acetech has recently installed an EPS HIPS pelletizing machine in CDMX, with a production of 600-700kg per hour, which is a good start for the year 2022 in the Mexican market.

After visiting the client in Mexico in 2016, we keep in touch for 5 years. And the same client from time to time visited us at our Aceretech factory taking advantage of his trips to China. We finally signed the EPS HIPS pelletizing project in the first months of 2020.

The machine has compactor, extruder 1, filter 1, extruder 2, filter 2, cutting head, and vibrating type drying. This configuration is also called cascade, with its 2 filters and 3 degassing (2 by vacuum, and 1 by natural), it can work with contaminated materials and with a lot of printing ink or/and humidity.
This client produces frames, moldings etc (photo below). And since 2015, they began to contribute what is Circular Economy.

With this pelletizer up and running, Marcos and Marcos can recycle 8 tons of material every day, which would be 2,500 tons annually. It is a big step towards neutral carbonate, since in addition to their own waste, they can receive and recycle materials from outside.

The final products of our pellet mill are these pellets, which are raw material again, and can make the products.

Thanks to customers such as Marcos and Marcos, Acetech has accumulated many experiences in different plastics: PE, PP, EPS, HIPS, ABS, BOPET, PET, CPP, PVB, etc.