PE Bags Film

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Raw material: Crushed PET fiber/cloth
ACS800/120 Model Compact Single Screw Extruder with Automatic Pelletizing Systemproimages/application/PE_膜2.jpg
ACETECH machine type: ACS800/120 Compacting and single screw extruder with automatic strands pelletizing system
Customer location: Czech
Machine configuration: Crusher - Belt feeder - Compactor - Extruder - Vacuum pumping system - screen changer - Water-ring Pelletizer - Vibrating screen - Centrifugal dryer - Product silo
Detailed introduction:
Crusher:Reduce the size of PE bag / film, easy to feed into the pelletizing machine. Material size reduction can effectively reduce the pressure of compactor and improve the output;
Belt conveyor: The belt conveyor includes the edge sealing design, which effectively guarantees the validity of the transmission of the hard materials on the belt;
Compactor: The rotary and fixed blades cut material to preheat the material. The unique guide groove design is convenient for feeding the material into the screw;
Extruder: Different screw structure design is according to different materials;
Vacuum pumping system: Remove residual ink and other impurities in materials;
Screen changer: Very large filtration area;
Water-ring Pelletizer: Cutting blades are pushed and fit completely to the die Pneumatically,Cutting blades are pushed and fit completely to the die Pneumatically
Vibration dryer: Preliminary water filtration and filter the pellets that meet the size requirements
Centrifugal dryer: Remove moisture from pellets surface

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