PA66 nylon carpet customer case

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PA materials, especially filaments, will absorb moisture in the air most of the time, which is what we often call dampness. Therefore, we must pay attention to the storage method of nylon raw materials to avoid excessive moisture, and excessive moisture content brings inconvenience to recycling.
According to the recycling experience of ACETECH, for the recycling and granulation of waste silk and fiber materials, we can recommend the ACS compaction granulator, and use a fully automatic water-pulling pelletizing method to improve recycling. Degree of granulation automation.
For more details about the case, please consult your sales staff. We will provide more good advice based on recycling experience to help you.
Customer Area: China
Material: crushed nylon carpet material;
Scheme design capacity: 500--600kg / h;
Actual production capacity: 560kg / h;
Finished product: PA particles;
Final choice of granulator: ACS compaction granulator;
Factory auxiliary configuration: front-end crushing equipment, flue gas collection and processing equipment, chiller.
Customer collects particles for testing
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