By: ACETECH, Time: 2021-06-16 3 Comments
From 20th November 2019 to 23th November 2019, ACETECH participated in the 2019 PLASTICS & RUBBER INDONESIA exhibition in Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran Indonesia. Our booth no. C7617.
Indonesia’s plastic industry is growing healthily in line with the country’s increased consumption of all manner of products ranging from food & beverages to automobile components. Despite the global economic slowdown, Indonesia's plastic market will continue to grow at a slow rate of 7.75%,. Indonesia’s per capita consumption of plastic goods remains low at 10 kg annually compared to 56 kg in Thailand and 45 kg in Malaysia (Ministry of Trade and Industry) leaving plenty of scope for future growth.
ACETECH saw the huge potential of Indonesian plastic market, so it attached great importance to it. In order to let customers understand our machine more intuitively, we brought our products- ACS300/80 Compacting and Pelletizing machine to this exhibtion. 
During this exhibition, many visitors are attracted by our machine and stop to ask for details about our machine. 
Through the communication with customers, we understand customers' needs and material information, and then recommend customers to choose the right machine model. And introduced to the customer several major advantages of our plastic pelletizing recycling machine:
1. Combines the function of crushing, compacting, plasticization and pelletizing to ONE STEP.
2. Has intelligent PLC Control system, can realize”One-Button” Start,”One-Button”Stop, which is saving labor and machine costs
3. Embedded PLC module, customers can remotely monitor the operation of the machine on the mobile phone, and so on.
4. Can recycle PP, PE, ABS, PS, HIPS, EPS, EPE, PET, PTT, PC, POM, TPV material in form of film, raffias, filaments, bags, woven bags, foaming material and rigid, and so on.
After fully understanding our machine, the customer gave us a thumbs up.
In the future, ACETECH will improve itself by integrate the excellent experience of the predecessors and combine the needs of the local unique plastic recycling industry, and provide the most appropriate recycling solution for everyone.