2020 China International Plastics Exhibition——ACETECH

By: ACETECH, Time: 2021-06-16 3 Comments
2020 China International Plastics Exhibition——ACETECH
Today, many factors led to certain difficulties of the moment we will meet and trade, but our work doesn‘t stop with the production, but even more positive! 
 At the 2020 China International Plastics Exhibition,ACETECH met with many friends in the recycling industry in Nanjing. We provide reliable and stable recycling solutions to help customers achieve the most effective plastic recycling-plastic crushing and plastic granulation. 
ACETECH recycling case:
LLDPE/LDPE/HDPE/PE/EPE film, crushed material, lithium battery film, foamed pearl cotton
PP/OPP/BOPP/CPP film, woven bag, non-woven fabric
PA66 fishing net, silk, factory trim, carpet material, waste cloth
PET/BOPET bottle flakes, film, silk, waste cloth, foam, optical film
PTT wire
EPS/XPS crushed material, cold briquetting foam, hot melt foam, insulation board
HIPS/PC/ABS home appliance housing, electronic waste, engineering plastics
PVB film crushed material, automotive windshield laminated plastic
APEL optical material
For other unfinished materials, please contact us.